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Innovative cuisine
and impeccable service

Innovative cuisine
and impeccable service

Our mission is to serve people who like flavourful food, welcoming, seducing and surprising them.

Prepared with love

Chef Marco Di Martino, a pupil of Alain Ducasse and Gennaro Esposito presents his unforgettable dishes prepared with love.
Marco loves to amaze his guests with artistic and surprising tastings, where the gastronomic excellences of the territory meet the most refined palates.
Here time stops, and the dishes speak for themselves, giving strong emotions.
Welcome to the Restaurant of Caffè Torino, l’Infernot, a magical, timeless place.

Chef Marco Di Martino

L'Infernot Restaurant

In Piedmontese, the word “infernòt” indicates an underground room built by digging the sandstone by hand. The history of these curious places is, in fact, closely linked to that of the wine tradition of Piedmont.
Not everyone knows, however, that even in Turin there are these underground rooms, and these have helped to amplify the mysterious stories related to the magical aspects of the city.


First seafood courses

First courses

Main courses with meat

Main courses with fish

Big salads

A triumph of flavors

Polpo alla griglia Caffè Torino
I primi Caffè Torino
Vini Caffè Torino

The wine list

As Marco’s cuisine is personal, so is our cellar. As the menu changes with the seasons, so does our wine list. This allows us to create an excellent link between the wine and the dish.